Welcome to Free Spirit Healing + Wellness! I am so glad you have found yourself here. It tells me that you are ready to be nurtured and supported on your journey to remembering your free spirit. I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves and from my heart to yours, I am so honored to share these offerings of transformative healing with you.

Not sure what you need and want to chat about it? Reach out to me directly and let us create a plan to open your heart, awaken your soul and free your spirit.



About Me


Eight years ago, I originally began taking yoga to work through deep pain in my hip. The more I went to public classes, the more I began to tune deeper into my body. I started to understand that the physical pain was just what was on the surface. Through my consistent yoga practice, I realized the deep trauma my body had suppressed for nearly forty years was finally coming up to be healed. And that yoga was the tool to help me do that.


As my practice continued to deepen, I entered into my first yoga teacher training program with no intention of teaching. I just wanted to understand what was happening inside my body and mind during classes. As my yoga training continued, it became clear that teaching was my true heart’s calling.


Years later, I am happy to say that the journey as a student and spiritual aspirant has not stopped. My dedication for personal healing has only grown stronger through advanced yoga studies and the powerful healing art of Reiki. 


It is an honor to share these teachings and practices with you as we link arms on your personal healing journey to open your heart, awaken your soul and free your spirit.



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